A Small Space with Big Benefits

Apartment balconies are notoriously small, but as part of your living space, a balcony can be decorated and furnished to match your personality and showcase a touch of your own style. Just follow these simple pointers to make your balcony a special spot whether you’re choosing outdoor furniture, adding faux wall panels, or sprucing up the color of your special spot.


Whether your balcony has flooring made of wood, cement, or something else, you can freshen it up without making a big dent in your budget. An easy update is to choose a weather-proof throw rug with a playful design or bold colors.

Another possibility is to purchase deck tiles that go directly over the flooring. These come in a wide range of styles and colors for any taste. Tiles made with wood give a traditional look, while colorful rubber tiles add a splash of spark.


Furniture on your balcony is a must so that you can relax and enjoy your space, but it takes some careful thought to find the right kind of seating.

For a cozy place to share with friends, try a bench or a few single chairs. For something a little more nostalgic, a pair of rockers with a side table between them are a gem, or if you want to enjoy a drink and some snacks out on your balcony, consider a high table with a couple of matching chairs.

Color Scheme

To really make your balcony your own, decide on the color scheme you want and create your space around that. Something as simple as a bold picture or a brightly decorated wind chime adds flavor without using much space, or add some vibrant cushions to your seating for extra color and more comfort.

To increase privacy while adding color, you can put up some decorated faux wall panels behind your railing. Another option is to use fabric to create panels that add warmth without bulk.


Making a small area feel like home without seeming overcrowded can be done, and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Using storage containers for seating can be a double benefit. Fill containers with books, toys or garden tools, then pop a cushion on top and you’ve got a chair with a purpose. Stylish wicker containers are especially suited for this.

If your space is very limited but you’d like to make it a place to chat with company, decorate with foldable lawn chairs and a card table that are easily stored when you’ll be relaxing alone.

Natural Look

A touch of nature can make any area feel more peaceful, so consider adding flowers or hanging plants which add beauty and a welcoming feel. Choose potted plants or make a planter box to grow a mixture of colorful, easy-to-grow flowers.

For those who enjoy gardening, space-saving vertical gardens allow you to grow herbs or even climbing vegetables such as peas or cucumbers. And if you’re not into the gardening scene but love greenery, just lace plastic leaf vines through your railing for the look without the work.

No matter the size of your balcony, using these tips can help you create a beautiful, comfortable space that suits your style.

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